Pioneers of premium mezcal, the Muñoz brothers bought a small distillery in 1996 to produce mezcal artesanal for their restaurants devoted to bringing indigenous cuisine to the world’s attention. Ansley Coale of Craft Distillers brought Los Nahuales into the USA in 2004, In 2023, profound changes incorporating sustainable agaves prompted a new package and a new mezcal blanco, NAHUAL

The name of the Muñoz distillery in Santiago Matatlan, and the brand name of their mezcals, is LOS DANZANTES. Due to trademark issues, the brand is LOS NAHUALES in the USA. The mezcals in the bottle are identical.

About sustainability

The destilería in 1996

jaime muñoz at the destilería

The Muñoz brothers and the talented humans who manage production/distillation at the Destilería Los Danzantes are committed to preserving the artisanal modes of production which underlie truly great mezcal. This takes constant resolve not to give in to the forces of commercialization

Coale, who created the Mezcalero brand in 2009, was the first to name and illustrate the work of the actual distillers.

Hector and Karina have introduced significant technical improvements: serious insulation of their stills; inoculation of fermentation with the best performing wild yeasts; using a copper coil and hot water to enable fermentation during cold weather

karina abad with
the potrero alipus distillers

Ansley talking shop with Hector

Ansley Coale and Karina Abad evaluating mezcals

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