Artisan mezcal from Oaxaca is a world-class spirit, and it comes from the last of the world’s great spirit regions not yet dominated by huge commercial producers. Artisan mezcal is richer and more true to its material than its famous cousin tequila: this because artisan mezcal is distilled including the agave solids and without diluting the fermented distilling material with water (done with tequila to recover more alcohol). Los Nahuales (Los Danzantes in Mexico) is the brainchild of the Muñoz brothers, producing authentic local products for their fabulous restaurants. Very very few spirits are so authentically hand-made by ancestral methods. These are extraordinary products.




Los Nahuales Blanco (Joven)

Amazingly full, rich, & soft. Mesquite smokiness from the roasting fire-pit. (750ml / 47% abv)


Los Nahuales Reposado

Aged in French (Nevers) & American oak. Brilliant clarity. Soft smokiness from the mesquite used to roast the agave. Deep, long finish. (750ml / 42% abv)


Los Nahuales Anejo

Very limited: some 360 bottles/year.  Just over 1 year in French oak. Beautifully and gracefully mature. Soft, gentle, lingering finish. (750ml / 45.2% abv)



Joven (blanco) diluted to bottling proof using the tails (codas) from the first distillation instead of the usual water.  Flower and complex.



One-time distillation of a blend (at roasting) of wild cirial, a variant of cuishe (agave karwinskii) and espadín from a remote mountainside planting (750ml / 47% abv).



One-time distillation of a blend (at roasting) of wild tobalá, wild tepeztateespadín from a remote mountainside planting, and the rare (and huge) sierrudo. Extraordinary quality. (750ml / 47% abv).



Los Nahuales Special Edition no. 4

One of the finest mezcals ever distilled, a single batch of espadín (agave angustifolia) from March, 2013. The extraordinary quality of the batch was recognized when it came from the still, and it was matured in glass for five years, deepening and stabilizing its rich complexity. 770 bottles at 49% abv.


Los Nahuales Still Proof (2nd release)

Bottled without dilution at 53% abv. Produced 40% from wild jabalí (agave convallis) collected in the hills of San Jose Lachiguiri, west of Miahuatlan, in dark thin infertile soils. The jabalí is notoriously difficult to distill; here the acidic ferality is beautifully tamed by blending with a rich mature espadín from Pozo Blanco near Santiago Matatlan. 720 bottles @ 53% abv.