Single-batch artisan mezcal based on wild/semi-wild agaves. The brand was conceived by Craft Distillers & developed in collaboration with Destileria Los Danzantes. Craft-method distillation is what we believe in. Great product deserves an audience. Most of the best mezcal distillers produce tiny batches. The only way to keep this wonderful process going is by making it more widely available.




Mezcalero No. 17

Hand-distilled in March 2014 by Cirilo Hernandez in San Baltazar Guélavila from the wild & very rare Agave de Lumbre blended at roasting with Espadín. 1104 bottles at 48% abv.


Mezcalero No. 18

Hand-distilled in 2013 by Don Valente in Santa Maria la Pila from wild/semi-wild Bicuishe, Madrecuishe, and Mexicano blended at roasting with Espadín.  4 years in tank.  576 bottles (label is wrong) @ 47% abv.



Mezcalero No. 19

Hand-distilled in March 2015 by Don Baltazar Cruz Gonzales in San Luis del Rio. Cirial & Espadin.  Beautifully distilled.  2+ years in tank.  666 bottles @ 47.8% abv




Mezcalero No. 20

Hand-distilled in a clay pot still in March & April 2016 by Don Jesus Rios in El Potrero, near Sola de Vega. Semi-wild Arroqueño intensity softened by the clay pot.  23 months in tank.  696 bottles @ 48.5% abv



Hand-distilled in June 2016 by Don Baltazar Cruz Gonzales in San Luis del Rio. 3 wild agaves: cirial/tepextate/tobalá.  Unusually balanced and rich. 22 months in tank.  744 bottles @ 48% abv



Mezcalero Special Bottling No. 3

From 500 liters distilled in May, 2015 by Don Rodolfo Juan Juarez from wild tobala (agave potatorum) harvested in the mountains above the Rio Huiche near San Juan del Rio, whose clayey soils contain limestone, and rested 2 years in tank.  Controlled minerality, profound depth and integration.  48.5% abv.





120 bottles distilled from espadin and wild bicuishe bottled in April, 2017, and aged in bottle for six months under unusual circumstances.  A one-time offering.  47.4% abv.


Mezcalero 20: El Potrero (2018, 696 bottles) agave arroqueño

Mezcalero Special Bottling no. 4 (de Cabra):  Santa Maria la Pila (2018, 120 bottles) agaves bicuishe, espadin

Mezcalero 19:  San Luis del Rio (2017, 666 bottles), agaves Cirial and Espadín.

Mezcalero 18: Santa María la Pila (2017, 576 bottles), agaves Biuishe, Madrecuishe, Mexicano blended at roasting with Espadín.

Mezcalero Special Bottling no. 3: San Juan del Rio (2017, 736 bottles) agave tobalá

Mezcalero 17: San Baltazar Guélavila (2016, 1104 bottles), agaves de Lumbre and Espadín

Mezcalero 16: Santa María la Pila (2016, 1322 bottles) agave Madrecuishe

Mezcalero Special Bottling no. 2: Santa María la Pila (2016, 736 bottles) agave Dobadaan

Mezcalero 15: San Luis del Río, Tlacolula (2016, 1128 bottles) agave Sierra Negra

Mezcalero 14: Potrero (2015, 768 bottles) agave Arroqueño

Mezcalero 13: San Luis del Rio (2015, 642 bottles) agaves Tepeztate & Tobalá

Mezcalero Special Bottling no. 1: Bramaderos (Miahuatlan) (2015, 756 bottles) agave Madrecuishe

Mezcalero 12: San Miguel del Monte, Michoacan (2015, 718 bottles) agave Cupreata

Mezcalero 11: Bramaderos (Miahuatlan) (2014, 1068 bottles) agaves Madrecuishe, Mexicano, Espadín.

Mezcalero 10: San Juan del Rio  (2014, 858 bottles) agave Sierra Negra.

Mezcalero 9: Potrero/Sola de Vega (2013, 762 bottles) agave Arroqueño

Mezcalero 8: Santa Maria la Pila (2013, 1080 bottles) agaves Madrecuishe, Mexicano, Tobalá

Mezcalero 7: San Juan del Rio (2013, 606 bottles) agaves Sierra Negra, Tepeztate, Tobalá

Mezcalero 6: Santa Maria La Pila (2012, 816 bottles) agaves Bicuishe, Madrecuishe, Mexicano

Mezcalero 5: San Baltazar Guélavila (2012, 636 bottles) agaves Espadín, Tepeztate

Mezcalero 4: San Juan del Rio (2011, 852 bottles) agaves Sierra Negra, Tepeztate

Mezcalero 3: Santa Maria la Pila (2011, 780 bottles) agaves Espadín, Mexicano

Mezcalero 2: San Baltazar Guélavila (2010, 636 bottles) agaves Espadín, Tepeztate, Tobalá

Mezcalero 1: San Juan del Rio (2009, 192 bottles) agaves Tepeztate, Tobalá