experimental batch in 10-liter cask


barrel-aged cocktails

“maybe the best drink you ever had” 

A person making a distilled spirit by hand gets to know that spirit very well: the contribution of each ingredient, the spirit’s flavors & aromas, how the spirit ages in an oak barrel. Fluid dynamics recipes take months to develop: experimenting with blends, aging them, making tiny adjustments, trying to imagine what further aging would create….

Classic cocktails from craft-method spirits, blended & aged in the Germain-Robin brandy cellars.

Featured in the 2013 New York Times “Holiday Gift Guide”


The St. Nick – 200ML $20 / 1 Liter $80. Germain-Robin brandy and Clear Creek’s Cranberry liqueur. The blend of fruity brandy and tart cranberry is fine stuff.

The 1850 – 200ML $22.50 / 1 Liter $85. The Fluid Dynamics version of the classic Sazerac: Germain-Robin brandy, Low Gap whiskey, and a touch of Germain-Robin absinthe. Add your own dash of bitters.

Dry Martini – 200ML $22.50 / 1 Liter $80.  Russell Henry London Dry Gin with a whisper of Vya Extra Dry vermouth. This is one of the best drinks on the planet: subtle, crisp, smooth to the point of unreality.  Now Available

Rye Manhattan – 200ML $22.50 / 1 Liter $80. Rich mix of Low Gap award-winning Rye whiskey and Andy Quady’s Vya sweet vermouth. Add your own dash of bitters.


Craft Distillers

Craft Distillers