High mountain rum from the remote Mixe highlands of Oaxaca. Distilled from fresh cane juice using traditional craft methods. The Mixe is a remote mountainous region in the Sierra Norte, east of Oaxaxa, whose indigenous people successfully resisted the Spanish conquest and have maintained much of their ancestral culture. The local alcoholic drink is not mezcal but aguardiente, rum made from local sugar cane.




Distilled from high mountain cane. Fresh-cut cane is pressed, fermented with the crushed stalks using wild yeasts, double-distilled on a copper potstill. Clean, pure, a bit wild, like the mountains it comes from. SRP $42


TSO'OK Reposado

Aged rum from fresh cane juice. Produced from local cane plantings using artisanal methods. Aged six+ months in French oak. Rich & intense. Scarce.  $60 SRP.

Craft Distillers

Craft Distillers