Amazing stuff. The method is careful maceration of actual fruit and leaves after months of inspired experimentation by Devin and Crispin Cain. Hands-on craft-method distillation is used on the Germain-Robin 16HL potstill in making the viognier (from local grapes) for the straight. The fruit is sourced in the Exeter, CA orchards of John Kirkpatrick.




New sampler 3-pack

200MLs of Straight vodka plus Buddha’s Hand Citron & Malaysian Lime. (3 x 200ml/40% abv) RSP $35


Vaccinium Macrocarpon

True CRANBERRY liqueur infusion into the Buddha’s Hand Citron DSP CA 162 Vodka. OND, 100 cases produced. (750ml / 40% abv) RSP $38.



TANGERINE from sweet and their tasty cousin the tangelo. (750ml / 40% abv) RSP $38.


Citrus Hystrix

LIME from the leaves and fruit of the Malaysian limau purut. (750ml / 40% abv) RSP $38.


Citrus Medica Var. Sarcodactylis

CITRON from the beautifully fragrant Buddha’s Hand. (750ml / 40% abv) RSP $38.


Straight Vodka

Blended with vodka distilled from premium Mendocino County viognier wine grapes. (750ml / 40% abv) RSP $38.

Craft Distillers

Craft Distillers