Double distillation on an antique 16HL cognac still. On-site fermentation of distilling beer, using innovative Low Gap was Malt Advocate’s Artisan Whiskey of the Year in 2012, and has won a number of gold medals and ★★★★★ reviews from Paul Pacult. Descent to proof is with filtered rainwater. These are extraordinary spirits.




Low Gap Barrel Strength Rye

210 bottles aged 3 years in air-dried oak. Extraordinary whiskey: elegant, subtle, beautifully balanced. 63% abv.

SRP $180.



Low Gap Straight Bourbon

The bourbon’s mash bill includes 65% corn, 20% malted barley, and 15% malted rye. Double distillation is done on the old Cognac still. A straight bourbon, it has been aged for two years in new bourbon barrels. Bottled at 43.25% abv

SRP $70.


Low Gap 2 YR Wheat Whiskey

Bottled at 2+ years, this amazing whiskey shows what can be accomplished by a master working on a cognac still. Smooth, rich, surreal. 43.1% abv. Sold out. 

SRP $65


Low Gap 4 YR Wheat Whiskey

A blend of four and five year old wheat whiskies distilled in 2010 and 2011. This release was aged in new and used bourbon barrels, used cognac barrels, and used port barrels. The flavor profile is dense and very complex. At 45.5% ABV, it lends itself well to cocktails.

SRP $75


Low Gap Clear Rye

100% malted rye. Full rye body. The roughness of most ryes is here tamed by the small cognac potstill. Fabulous. New bottling Dec 2014. 44.1% abv.

SRP $45


Low Gap 3 YR Blended Whiskey

Malted corn and malted barley.  Aged in used Van Winkle barrels and new Missouri oak bourbon barrels.  Amazingly mellow. 46% abv.

SRP $75


Low Gap 2 YR 100 Proof Whiskey

From malted Bavarian hard wheat on the Germain-Robin 16HL antique cognac still.  Aged 2+ years in a special selection of three new and used American oak barrels. 50% abv.

SRP $75


Low Gap 2 YR Rye Whiskey

Very smooth, very rich. Full rye body. 100% rye malt extract. Fabulous.  Aged 2 + years in new and used bourbon, used cognac barrels and new small cooperage barrels from Minnesota.  42.2% abv.

SRP $70