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“about as far from commercial as you can get… captures the very best of what wheat and grapes bring to the equation in a vodka, and manages to present those flavors like they were designed from the start to go together….It’s hard to remember savoring and exploring a vodka as much. products that defy the flavored vodka category. The DSP 162 vodkas aren’t just flavored vodka, they are a presentation of the essence of things and represent an exciting new direction for the vodka category.”
–Geoff Kleinman/Drink Spirits

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Tasting Vodka DSP 162 

This vodka shows you what is important about authentic hands-on craft-method distillation, which is about preserving the fresh taste and aroma of the fruit, about deriving flavors and aromas that are clean & pure, about distilling a spirit smooth and lingering, and in the end about sensory pleasure. Genuinely great product is a result of the creativity and experience of the craftsman who makes it. He makes it to satisfy himself  –  it is a direct reflection of the work in which he takes justifiable pleasure & pride. Craft-method talk is easy. Genuinely superb craft-method spirits like DSP 162 are not easy to produce. This is the real stuff.


Gift & sampler 3-pack$35. Each 200ML bottle is 2 drinks: Straight vodka plus Buddha’s Hand citron & Malaysian Lime.


Vaccinium Macrocarpon $38. Devin Cain had the stroke of genius to add Clear Creek’s Cranberry Liqueur to our Buddha’s Hand Citron vodka and it’s fabulous. Seasonal, only 100 cases made.

Citrus Hystrix – $38. LIME, from the leaves and fruit of the Malaysian limau purut.

Citrus Medica var Sarcodactylis – $38. CITRON, from the beautifully fragrant Buddha’s Hand.

Citrus Reticulata var. Sunshine – $38. TANGERINE, from sweet Sunshines and their tasty cousin the tangelo.

Straight Vodka – $38. Includes vodka distilled from premium wine grapes.


Craft Distillers

Craft Distillers