Holstein still assembly diagram

Holstein still main door

Vodka DSP 162 is produced by infusing real (and exotic) fruit into well-made wheat vodka. We use wheat because good wheat vodka has a soft & round mouthfeel. We then blend the infusion into the “straight” vodka. The residue of the fruit in the infusion gives a faint blush to the real-fruit vodkas.

Our “straight” vodka is a blend of wheat vodka with a vodka we distill from aromatic wines (riesling, viognier = beautiful flavor). Premium local wine grapes are vinified, then put through a first distillation on the Germain- Robin cognac still. The resulting brouillis is then brought to high proof on a Holstein potstill.

Before bottling, the vodka is cold-stabilized and given a slight (polishing) filtration. There may be slight sedimentation in the fruit-infused versions.

blending tank/type 316 stainless
blending tank/type 316 stainless