All of this means very little absent the skills, talent, and knowledge of the distiller and cellar-master. The family has been carrying on its traditions since 1702, knowledge and expertise learned from hands-on work at every level handed from father to son to grandson: how best to tend grapes, the precise time to harvest, use of yeasts, modes of distillation, adjusting techniques to suit the wines of the current vintage, secrets of aging and blending specific to cognac from their own grapes: this cannot be duplicated.

It’s how great spirits are made

COGNAC BY PIERRE DE SEGONZAC: A blend including cognacs distilled 12 years ago. Deliberately low alcohol content in the distilling wine means deep concentration of flavor. Rich and complex, yet preserving the flowery fruit of younger cognacs. Lightly oaked to display its fundamental quality. “Delicious, fruit-driven artisanal style that displays a long finish” – COGNAC ONLY. 40% abv. $79  

PIERRE DE SEGONZAC COGNAC XO: All the renowned attributes of grande champagne. Amazing full length, deep focused flavors: pure elegant gold. With a wonderful rancio:  there are cognacs in the blend from 37 years old. Good value. 40% abv. $165  


Very small lots of cognac chosen for their extraordinary quality, for distinctiveness, and for authenticity. unfiltered. IN DEPTH ABOUT OLD COGNACS

Harvest in the 1920s

PIERRE DE SEGONZAC ANCESTRALE: Very few cognacs this old are in bottle. The cognacs in the blend were distilled three and four generations ago: Pablo Ferrand’s great- great- grandfather distilled the 1924 component. The concentration of flavor from decades of evaporation in barrel is apparent: water and alcohol rise to the angels, but the aromatic and flavor esters remain. Look for deep and subtle richness with intense complexity: spices, cocoa, nuts, old port, leather: what aged Grande Champagne is all about. 300 bottles a year, 40 of them will be for the US market. “Exceptional… intense aromatic complexity” – PASSION FOR WHISKEY. 40% abv. $825

PIERRE DE SEGONZAC PRIVATE COLLECTION. LOT NO. 2 : Released in 2020. Superb aged Petite Champagne cognacs blended with old Grande Champagne cognacs from Pierre’s cellars. Excellent balance, nicely oaked, spicy, with a hint of vanilla from the Limousin oak. The finish lasts forever. Waxed seal, 250 hand- numbered bottles.  40$ abv.  $180 sold out.

PIERRE DE SEGONZAC PRIVATE COLLECTION, LOT NO. 3: A sophisticated and complex blend of cognacs distilled from 1999 to 2006 in the tiny Borderies region, across the river from Petite Champagne. Borderies is alluvial soil, which imparts an impressive creamy body that highlights the characteristic hint of violets in the nose. Waxed seal, 360 hand-numbered bottles released to the USA.  40% abv. $280

PIERRE DE SEGONZAC PRIVATE COLLECTION, LOT NO. 4:  A single cask of Grande Champagne distilled by Pierre in 2002 was matured in Limousin oak, then finished in a cask earlier used to age the legendary Tokay dessert wine from Hungary. Soft, delicate, and deep. Amazing stuff. Waxed seal. We have 40 of the 150 hand- numbered bottles. 40% abv. $180. sold out

Craft Distillers

Craft Distillers