Maison Surrenne is sourced in the deep and wonderful cellars of Tiffon S.A, the largest remaining family- owned cognac house (now also known as Cognac Braastad). The firm owns four distilleries and eight aging cellars, centered on the home distillery (the Madame), a marvelous stone building on the banks of the Charente river in Jarnac, upstream from Cognac. The Braastad family purchased the company in 1920 to supply the Norwegian state monopoly with barreled cognacs; the firm also distilled and aged as wholesalers, selling cognac in barrel to other producers for use in blending.

Because of this reliance on the wholesale market, the Tiffon cellars contain an unusually high proportion of old and unblended cognacs. In 1998, Ansley Coale of Craft Distillers and Richard Braastad, cellar-master of Tiffon, created the Maison Surrenne brand for the US market.

The Surrenne bottlings draw from these rich cellars to bottle minimally-blended cognacs that emphasize regional and harvest characteristics. These are distinctive and authentic small-lot cognacs whose flavors and aromas derive from their specific origins: single districts, single vintages, even single barrels. We don’t believe in wasting our money, and yours, on expensive packaging. There are no crystal decanters, no inlaid boxes. What you get is great cognac plus that cognac’s authentic story, information that enables you to appreciate what is distinctive about it. At every level, these cognacs are genuine bargains.

The Surrenne offerings are beautifully crafted. No other cognacs come close to matching the quality at the price.