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Listed first of the acholados in a Serious Eats 2014 review of the top ten piscos: “sippable blend with a distinct personality….worth getting to know”

Tasting Pisco LOGIA
The piscos of Pisco LOGIA are exceptionally pure and well-distilled. Since the distillery is in the vineyards where the grapes are harvested and the wines are made, the flavors and aromatics are as clean and fresh as can be. These piscos make beautiful cocktails.


PISCOLOGÍA PURO QUEBRANTA. Small batches distilled from the non-aromatic Quebranta grape, a cross between the Criolla and Mollar varietals brought over from Spain. Elegantand intense. (750 ml / 42.3% abv) RSP $48

PISCOLOGÍA ACHOLADO. A blend of brandies distilled by Hugo Champitaz at the nearby Paino destilería from the Italia, a flavorful and very aromatic white wine grape (a cross of Bican and Hamburg Muscat) and the red Mollar grape, a succulent Spanish table grape. Fruity with nice minerality. 750ml / 41.2% abv) RSP $40

PISCOLOGÍA ITALIA. A small batch distilled from the Italia grape, a remarkably flavorful white wine varietal developed in Italy by crossing the French Bican and the black Hamburg Muscat grape. Beautifully aromatic. (750 ml / 40.8% abv) RSP $48

PISCOLOGÍA MOLLAR. Limited batch distilled from the scarce Mollar grape, a naturalized red wine varietal brought over from Spain in the 1500s. Full-bodied and rich. (750 ml / 41.2% abv) RSP $57

PISCOLOGÍA TORONTEL. Very limited batch distilled from the high-ester Torontel, a naturalized varietal derived from Muscat Blanc. Rich elegant fruit. (750 ml / 41.3% abv) RSP $57


Ranked first with gold medal in a Noches de Cata epicurean blog acholado tasting with 7 sommeliers and pisco experts in Lima in 2011: “Clear and brilliant… in the nose, chocolate, jasmine, green apple… on the palate, dried fruit, pecan, dried apricot… balanced, nice length”

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