Each 1000-liter batch derives 100% from a select specified single-origin Arabica coffee bean: Papua/New Guinea, Yemen, Ethiopia (Irgachefe), Guatemala…

batch 1 Blue Bottle
batch 2 Yirg
batch 3 aged Mocha Java
batch 4 La Garita
batch 5 Peaberry Yirg
batch 6 Guatemalan Chuito
batch 7 Ethiopian Irgachefe
batch 8 Rwanda Mwasa
batch 9 Papua/New Guinea
batches 10 & 10.5 aged Himalayan
batch 11 chocolaty Brazilian
batch 12 El Salvador Bourbon
batch 13 Burundi Shamba Bourbon
batch 14 Brazilian Yellow Bourbon
batch 15 Sumatra Mandheling

Batch 13 was sourced in Burundi at the Tirembere women’s coffee growers’ co-op.

The hillside planting where Batch 13 was harvested.

A washing station for cleaning and drying beans.

Craft Distillers

Craft Distillers