Humans and agaves have a very long history of coexistence. Before the development of corn, agaves were what indigenous humans lived on: roasting the hearts, drinking the sap, weaving the fibers into cloth, worshiping the plant as the origin of life. Artisanal distilling of agaves means working with plants that have been a major part of the distiller’s culture for thousands of year. It’s part of the distiller’s life. The distillery is part of the distiller’s house. The distiller is part of a close-knit community, and sells spirits to his neighbors. All this shows up in what the distiller creates. It’s why it’s so deep. Keeping this alive is what COMUNIDAD is about.

Transmission, generation to generation.

The sign reads, “Welcome to Santa Ana del Rio. Mezcal for sale.”

The pueblo’s population is 376. It has 12 small family destilerías.