Text-book agave, made with unusual care. It’s about attention to the details at every point: how the agaves are harvested and trimmed, how they are prepared for roasting, building the perfect fire, milling to just the right texture (yeast likes nooks and crannies), careful watch over the fermentation, maintaining a constant fire temperature under the still. Mezcal mezcal mezcal.

ANIMAS espadín artesanal: Agave angustifolia. Distilled by Humberto Juan in San Juan del Rio in Eber Villalobos’ new (&beautiful) distillery. Serious mezcal: great presence.  44% abv $52 SOLD OUT

ANIMAS ensamble artesanal: beautifully distilled blend of espadín and agave cupreata. Herbal and fruity minerality, with a subtle sweetness.48% abv $92 SOLD OUT

ANIMAS Papalometl artesanal: 100% wild agave cupreata sourced in the Mixteca. There is very little wild cupreata in Oaxaca: this is close to unique. Memorable mezcal with the characteristic hint of copper, perfectly balanced. scarce. 48% abv $120