Papalometl (Agave Cupreata)

Agaves papalometl/cupreata and espadín: each in a pure expression and also together in a complex & beautifully balanced ensamble (blend). Animas uses only fully mature agaves: 7-10 years for the espadín, 8-12 for the papalometl. Wild cupreata

is one of the absolute joys of the mezcal universe. The Latin name means “coppery”; there’s a characteristic feral tangy hint of putting a penny on the tip of your tongue. The agave grows on high mountain hillsides, and is very scarce in the Mixteca. Animas is one of the few producers of 100% cupreata grown in Oaxaca. It has the acidic intensity of agaves that have to work hard to survive.

Animas sources local espadín near Santa Cruz Papalutla, a small pueblo southeast of Oaxaca city.

Upland Espadin

Uniform size of pinas is a quality factor

Old and new tinas (fermentation vats)

Hardworking yeast hiding under the crust

Craft Distillers

Craft Distillers