Don Eduardo Hernadez of Santa Ana del Rio

Don Eduardo Hernadez of Santa Ana del Rio

Ansley Coale & Don Eduardo in Santa Ana del Rio

Ansley Coale & Don Eduardo in Santa Ana del Rio

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“In my list of top spirits. Remarkable and complex”

“One of the best my taste buds have evaluated.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ / Highest recommendation”

Tasting Alipus

The Alipus bottlings show you the variations created in mezcals distilled from a single species of agave, the domesticated agave espadín, by elevation, soil, terrain, and method of distillation.

The question we get asked most is, how do these mezcals differ from their name-protected mezcal cousins from Tequila? First, artisan mezcals are smoky because the agaves are not steamed in an autoclave (modern industrial tequila production), or roasted in an enclosed oven (like many small-production tequilas), but roasted in an in-ground fire-pit above a live wood fire. All Alipus bottlings tend to have a smoky overtone. Second, artisan mezcal producers distill the agave solids along with the fermented agave juice, whereas tequila producers filter the solids out and distill liquids only. For this reason, artisan mezcals embody more of the vegetal components of the agave, thus are noticeably more complex and, to our taste, richer.


Alipus San Andrés – $50. Complex, rich, intensely floral.

Alipus San Baltazar Guélavila – $50. Delicate and fruity, slightly sweet. Only available in Texas.

Alipus San Juan del Rio – $50. Fruity, rich, smoky, pleasantly sweet.

Alipus San Luis del Rio – $50. Spicy, round, and soft.

Alipus Santa Ana del Rio – $50. Very cleanly distilled. Soft and lightly fruity. “Graceful★ ★ ★ ★  – Paul Pacult /SPIRIT JOURNAL

Special Bottlings

Alipus San Miguel de Sola – $65. 600 bottles only, distilled in clay potstills: beautiful soft mouthfeel. 

Alipus ENSAMBLE from San Andrés  $65. A rich and elegant blend including some 20% semi-wild agave bicuishe.

“Vivid nose with spice… earthy and textured”