Most rums are made from what’s left over when companies make sugar: molasses, black treacle, etc.; many commoditized rums contain added sugar. DAKABEND is made directly from freshly- cut high-mountain sugar cane. It’s like the difference between freshly squeezed orange juice and the stuff made from concentrate. Pure, clean, fresh: great rum.

DAKABEND was named “Best Rum” at the 2019 Cocktail Spirits event in Paris

DAKABEND Rum from fresh cane juice.  Produced from local plantings using artisanal methods developed for mezcal. Fresh, tasty, rich, and smooth. Very easy to drink. 49% abv / $39 RSP


DAKABEND Rum Añejo. Beautifully distilled fresh cane juice from local plantings using artisanal methods on the Mezcal Tosba still. 4 years in barrel. Very rich. One barrel only; the other two are being saved for a solera.  49% abv / $100 RSP