Notes from Ansley: If You Want to Know Who We Are, Read This.


If you want to know who we are, right now, look at this. I’ve given a lot of tours to journalists: Kelli White’s sense of the right questions to ask was unique. Her article, posted in Antonio Galloni’s Vinous, is spot on. Nice to have it in such a well-regarded venue.

It’s what we can’t say ourselves straight out. Hubert and I took the finest of artisan cognac methods and improved on them: better grapes, better control of crush and fermentation. Too bad she came before we bottled for the Barrel 154 Chenin, which is the finest single spirit I have ever encountered. Her reviews are the deepest reviews we’ve ever had. She nails our brandies’ DNA.


“Decoding Germain-Robin: the markings on this barrel ‘FC(98) K(ML)’ indicate that the contents are 1998 French Colombard from the Kiefer Vineyard that went through malolactic fermentation.”Kelly White