Heladio Lopez

craft distillers

Heladio Lopez made what’s inside the bottle in your hand.
He’s young, gifted, innovative, learns from his work, and is using 70-liter clay potstills to distill some of the finest mezcals we have tasted: impressive character, definition, finesse. His
focus is tiny batches of local agaves.

60 second video of Ansley Coale talking about Heladio

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Heladio's small roasting pit-oven(horno)

Where he hand-crushes the roasted agaves

Checking a fermentation. Great distillers display intense focus.

Removing agave solids (bagasso) after a run

Emplacing the condensation chamber

Sealing the still with bagasso for the next run

Cooling water for the condensing pan

Tending the fire with care. Ready heat is crucial

We just asked Heladio about what we are tasting. The answer is never simple