Crispin’s Rose Liqueur

Crispin Cain experimented for years with roses and a honey/apple mead from an old family recipe.

Crispin starts by crafting a mead from honey which he then hand-distills with apple juice using the original Germain-Robin antique cognac still.

Next, he hand-picks rose petals, gathered early-morning when the air is soft & fresh and the roses are at their most fragrant. It takes a dozen roses to make just one bottle.

The same day that he picks the petals, he infuses them into the mead/ apple brandy in small batches (7 to 10 gallons).  After pressing the infusion through a gold filter, Crispin brings the liqueur to proof. The perceptible residue is rose dust!!

Nobody else in the world does this. It’s exactly what craft methods are about. After 3 years and hundreds of hours of work, Crispin had 2 cognac barrels of rose liqueur.

Robb Report Magazine’s world’s “Best of the Best” Liqueur (2011)

“Unbelievable authenticity. Unforgettable bouquet. WOW.”
– Pacult’s Spirit Journal

Rose Liqueur – $85. This product is unreal. 375ML

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Firelit Coffee Liqueur

This is a serious product. Firelit is basically about great & carefully chosen coffees having their essence extracted by cold-process maceration, then being fortified into a liqueur.

Each batch of single-origin Arabica beans requires a different mode of maceration: this is about purifying, focusing, and preserving the aromas and flavors of coffees chosen for their quality and for their real-time response to maceration. This is the essence of craft method: carefully working with alcohol’s fabulous properties of absorbing and carrying flavor. To our mind, a great liqueur is like a great perfume, oils & esters dissolved in and carried by alcohol, except you can DRINK, namely taste, a liqueur. Getting it all in perfect balance is where the art comes in; this includes a tad of invert sugar to cut coffee’s tendency towards bitterness. Rich, complex, satisfying.

Papua/New Guinea, Yemen, Ethiopia (Irgachefe), and Guatemala are
among the beans used for individual batches.

Firelit  $40. Batch 14, roasted Brazilian beans with the characteristic of deep rich dark chocolate overtones.  Extremely dense and rich, with creamy texture.



Absinthe Superieure

Former Germain-Robin apprentice Crispin Cain has been perfecting his absinthe for over eighteen years. He starts with an old family recipe for apple-honey mead, then distills it by hand in small batches on the original Germain-Robin pot still.

Crispin macerates select herbs in the brandy: rose geranium, lemon balm, wormwood, hyssop, lemon verbena, star anise, fennel seed, mint, and lemon peel, among others. Then he carefully distills the brandy with the herbs.

Absinthe Superieure $50 Subtle, complex, and absolutely beautiful.