Mountainside agaves above a remote pueblo in the Sierra

Balam won the 2017 Gran Oro award at the prestigious Concurso
Nacional of the Academia del Mezcal y del Maguey

A Lechugilla. It is a very small plant

The raicilleros and sotoleros with whom Villagrán works produce cleanly distilled and distinctive agave spirits. Assembling a set of such consistently outstanding spirits requires patience, dedication, love of the artisanal process, and respect for the humans who produce them.

Raicilla Costa – $72. From El Tuito in Cabo Corrientes. agaves angustifolia (chico aguiar) and rhodacantha.

Raicilla de Llano – $72. From San Gabriel-Sayula, about 70 miles SW of Guadalajara. agave angustifolia.

Raicilla Sierra – $72. From Mascota and San Sebastián del Oeste, on the road to Puerto Vallarta, agave maximiliana (lechuguilla).

Raicilla Sierra Tigre – $TBD. From Mazamitla, in the Sierra Madre Occidental. agave maximiliana. Clay Filipino potstill. Very small lots.

Sotol Desierto – $72. From Coyame del Sotol, Chihuahua. dasylirion wheeleri.

Sotol Sierra – $72. From Peñon Blanco, Durango. dasylirion wheeleri.

Churique – $72. From Madera, Chihuahua. Agave lechugilla is an unclassified cousin of potatorum, the agave of tobalá.