In 2004, founder Guy Rehorst started Milwaukee’s first distillery since prohibition. Production came on line in 2006. Since then they have released an impressive stream of first-class distilled spirits. Here’s what Guy says on the GLD website:

“Everything is mass–produced these days. Large corporations are filled with cubicle dwellers counting beans. Mom and pop stores have been replaced by megaboxes selling sweat socks made in sweatshops in some country whose name I can’t even pronounce. Even your favorite hooch is being made by robots in huge industrial plants. Well, we’re not going to take it lying down! Great Lakes Distillery is doing it the old–fashioned way: small–batch spirits made with old–world methods. Result? Products with great taste and real personality.”




Kinnickinnic Whiskey

England’s Whisky Magazine’s 2013 “American Whiskey of the Year”. Great Lakes sources good bourbon from a Kentucky distillery, then blends in their own twice-distilled malt and rye whiskies (using 4 specialty toasts), enhancing older oak-enriched bourbon flavors with the flowery appeal of lightly-aged malt and rye. Unfiltered. A bargain. (750ml / 43% abv)


Rehorst Premium Milwaukee Gin

Nine carefully selected botanicals, including two innovations: sweet basil and local ginseng. 92 from Anthony Dias Blue; double gold at the SF spirits Competition. Nicely balanced spirit. (750ml / 44% abv)


Roaring Dan's Rum

Twice-distilled molasses; maple syrup is added before the second distillation. Aged in a mix of new white-oak and used bourbon barrels. Soft, rich, and buttery, with a long dry finish. (750ml / 45% abv)




Seasonal distillation of a local brewery’s pumpkin lager. The recipe was used by Jefferson at Monticello. Creamy & malty, spice overtones. Nice. Scarce.(750ml / 45% abv)