Crispin’s Rose Liqueur

Crispin Cain experimented for years with roses and a honey/apple mead from an old family recipe.

Crispin starts by crafting a mead from honey which he then hand-distills with apple juice using the original Germain-Robin antique cognac still.

Next, he hand-picks rose petals, gathered early-morning when the air is soft & fresh and the roses are at their most fragrant. It takes a dozen roses to make just one bottle.

The same day that he picks the petals, he infuses them into the mead/ apple brandy in small batches (7 to 10 gallons).  After pressing the infusion through a gold filter, Crispin brings the liqueur to proof. The perceptible residue is rose dust!!

Nobody else in the world does this. It’s exactly what craft methods are about. After 3 years and hundreds of hours of work, Crispin had 2 cognac barrels of rose liqueur.

Robb Report Magazine’s world’s “Best of the Best” Liqueur (2011)

“Unbelievable authenticity. Unforgettable bouquet. WOW.”
– Pacult’s Spirit Journal

Rose Liqueur – $85. This product is unreal. 375ML


Creme de Poete

a pear liqueur

Hubert Germain-Robin distilled the underlying brandy – a pear brandy never bottled – in 1988 from local Bartletts. Three years later, he was inspired to enhance some of it into a liqueur. Over several years, he blended in tiny amounts of all kinds of distillery exotica: infusions of dried and fresh fruits (apricots, papayas, prunes, raisins), macerations of nuts (brazil nuts, macadamias, and walnuts), plus esoteric ingredients (such as sandalwood).

There is simply no comparing the Poete to the usual liqueur. The Poete is stunningly rich and complex.  It is delicate, deep-toned, yet fabulously light in touch, with dozens of interplaying afternotes.

Creme de poète – $45 Absolutely superb product, without the cloying sweetness of most liqueurs. Dry, deep-toned, & delicate. There are some 300 bottles in inventory, and when they are sold, it’s gone forever. 375ML

Pear de Pear


Lake and Mendocino Counties have been producing excellent Bartlett pears for more than a century. We’ve been distilling them since 1987. 

Pear aromas and flavors are difficult to capture by distillation, and pears tend to do best in clear eaux-de-vie, which we don’t produce. We have never been completely happy with our pear brandies as they get older in the barrel. However, they lend themselves to superb liqueurs: pear brandy is the base of the 6 releases of our Creme de Poete, and now of a pear liqueur we are proud to bottle.

Starting in 2007, Joe Corley spent five years developing a liqueur based on aged pear distillates, inspired by a memorable product formerly made at the RMS brandy distillery in Napa (we consulted with its creator, the talented Rick Estes). This is not a weirdly long time to occupy oneself with a craft-method liqueur.

Pear de Pear – $24. Rich and creamy, with beautiful pear aromas and mouth-filling flavor. Long gentle aftertaste. 375ML 

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Firelit Coffee Liqueur

This is a serious product. Firelit is basically about great & carefully chosen coffees having their essence extracted by cold-process maceration, then being fortified into a liqueur.

Each batch of single-origin Arabica beans requires a different mode of maceration: this is about purifying, focusing, and preserving the aromas and flavors of coffees chosen for their quality and for their real-time response to maceration. This is the essence of craft method: carefully working with alcohol’s fabulous properties of absorbing and carrying flavor. To our mind, a great liqueur is like a great perfume, oils & esters dissolved in and carried by alcohol, except you can DRINK, namely taste, a liqueur. Getting it all in perfect balance is where the art comes in; this includes a tad of invert sugar to cut coffee’s tendency towards bitterness. Rich, complex, satisfying.

Papua/New Guinea, Yemen, Ethiopia (Irgachefe), and Guatemala are
among the beans used for individual batches.

Firelit  $40. Batch 10, aged Himalayan  arabica roasted by John Weaver, master roaster for 27 years at Peets Coffee. Extremely dense and rich, with creamy texture.


Absinthe Superieure

Former Germain-Robin apprentice Crispin Cain has been perfecting his absinthe for over eighteen years. He starts with an old family recipe for apple-honey mead, then distills it by hand in small batches on the original Germain-Robin pot still.

Crispin macerates select herbs in the brandy: rose geranium, lemon balm, wormwood, hyssop, lemon verbena, star anise, fennel seed, mint, and lemon peel, among others. Then he carefully distills the brandy with the herbs.

Absinthe Superieure $50 Subtle, complex, and absolutely beautiful.