What people say about us and about U.S. brandy

First, Germain-Robin:

“Perhaps the finest distiller of brandies and grappas in the world”
– review article in SFGate by W. Blake Grey

“A leader in the domestic craft spirits movement for over three decades…has set a standard of excellence that is often emulated but rarely matched”
–review article in Vinous

“Amazing. Mind-blowing.”
–unsolicited review on Yelp

Next, U S brandy:

“In the high church of classic mixology, where 19th century bar manuals are revered as scripture, no spirit has as venerated a reputation as brandy. Bartenders are rediscovering the allure of classic drinks made not with cognac but with a spirit once considered bibulous blasphemy: brandy.”
–Malcom Hébert, California Brandy Drinks

Millard Fillmore:

“I have been an admirer of the cognac-style brandies the company keeps producing….Millard is a gentle blend that delivers smooth , floral and dried fruit notes… sells for a reasonable price”
– Florence Fabricant,  NY Times




“Very nice… tastes good, very approachable. Made very carefully, without that alcoholic burn….”
–Charles Passy, Wall Street Journal